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We hope the new year is treating you well
and that you are moving forward in all of your
entertainment & media endeavors.

In this email:

Latest Article on ScriptShark.com:
7 Tips to Secure the Right Rep This Year

Discount for Screenwriting Career Intensive:
8 Session Teleseminar Program
2/15 – 3/16 Plus bonus calls with Reps

San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC)
& San Francisco Writers University (SFWU)

Discount for Steve Kaplan’s
Upcoming US Comedy Intensive
NYC, Dallas, DC & LA

MP3 of Interview with Literary Manager,
Andrew Kersey of Kersey Management

Latest Article on ScriptShark.com:
7 Tips to Secure the Right Rep This Year

If you are like many writers, getting
a great representative on your team or
motivating the one you have to put in
their best effort on your behalf is on
your wish list for 2011. Here are 7 tips
that will give you your best opportunity
for the successful relationship you desire.

Read full article at:


Screenwriting Career Intensive
8 Session Teleseminar Program
February 15 – March 16
Plus bonus calls with Reps

Join me for this next session.
My job is to inform, inspire &
challenge and your job is
participate, contribute & connect.
It’s a lot of fun and always
appreciate the success stories
that I see from those who’ve come
through the program.

Participate from home on the phone.
Plus there are PDF Lecture Notes, MP3s,
Q&A, Office Hours, an online group
and lots of supplemental materials.


Listen to MP3 of first session
from Fall 2010 on the Hollywood
Career Diamond:

Other Lecture Topics Include:
— Your Signature Story
— Navigating Studio, Independent & Indie Film
— Navigating Network, Cable TV & New Media
— Working with Execs, Producers & Talent
— Working with Agents, Managers & Attorneys
— Marketing Yourself & Your Script
— Picture the Deal: Standards, Practices
& Pitfalls

It’s everything you need to know
about working as a professional,
having confidence in your approach,
and avoiding common missteps.

$125 Discount before Feb 1st
Coupon Code: CC125
Only $300

Register at:

Alumni Rate: $100
with Coupon Code: ALUM2011

If you are want to take you
screenwriting career to the next level
I hope that you will join us!

San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC)

I’ll be presenting two sessions at the
upcoming SFWC February 18 – 20.

— Storytelling in Any Medium
— Building Your Brand

I am excited to connect with
several of our colleagues &
friends there. Even if you
can’t make it this year, I
recommend getting on their
newsletter list and seeing
what some of the hot topics
are in publishing this year.

Learn more at: http://www.sfwriters.org

San Francisco Writers University (SFWU)

I’m also one of the mentors
for this new online resource.
Check it out at:

Here are two of the classes I’ve
presented at previous SFWC events
that you’ll also find on

Creating a Media Brand – Levering the
Power of Hollywood, Publishing &

Telling & Selling with Teleseminars

You’ll find a lot of good information
and a growing online community
of authors & content creators.

Steve Kaplan’s Upcoming Comedy Intensive

Steve Kaplan will be in NYC March 26-27th
and in London, June 25-26th.  You’ll also
find him in Australia, Dallas, DC & LA.
More details at:

Get a $75 discount on US locations
when you register by Paypal to
skcomedy@aol.com.  Mention that
this is the Creative Convergence

Listen to Interview with Steve Kaplan:

MP3 of Interview with Literary Manager,
Andrew Kersey of Kersey Management

Here is the MP3 of one of our bonus
calls with Agents/Managers.

Download here: http://bit.ly/andrewkersey

We’ll have more of these calls in the coming
months for Screenwriting Career Intensive
participants and Fall 2010 alum.  It’s
a great way to meet-n-greet with
prospective reps.

To your success,


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Follow us on Twitter @creativecvg
Read our blog at:

7 Tips to Secure the Right Rep This Year

Article from ScriptShark.com

7 Tips to Secure the Right Rep This Year

If you are like many writers, getting a great representative on your team or motivating the one you have to put in their best effort on your behalf is on your wish list for 2011.  Here are 7 tips that will give you your best opportunity for the successful relationship you desire.

Read full article at:


Virtual Event with Jaws Co-Writer, SFWC & Blog to Kindle

Hi Everyone,

We hope that your 2011 is off to a
great start!

Here are some entertainment & media
opportunities that we’d like to share:

1) Screenwriter Fantasy Camp with JAWS
Co-Writer, Carl Gottlieb!
2) San Francisco Writers Conference
3) Is Your Blog on Kindle?

1) Screenwriter Fantasy Camp with JAWS Co-Writer
Carl Gottlieb!
2 Day (2.5 Hours each day) online/teleseminar
event, January 22nd & 23rd
2PM – 4:30PM PT
4PM – 6:30PM CT
5PM – 7:30PM ET
Join in Saturday & Sunday

We’ve teamed up with Hollywood’s Finest
(previous guests at live events in LA
included Oliver Stone, Jerry Bruckheimer,
Pierce Brosnon, George Clooney, Jeffrey Katzenberg,
Drew Barrymore, Sidney Sheldon, Ray Bradbury,
David Franzoni, James Cameron, Bob Gale,
Antoine Fuqua, Gary Sinese, Daniel Handler,
and Lloyd & Sherwood Schwartz, among others)
to bring you A-list screenwriters to take you
behind the scenes, answer your questions, and
share their insights in Screenwriter Fantasy

This promises to be a lot of fun for movie
lovers and screenwriters alike.  It also
supports a good cause as a portion
of the proceeds go to support The Writers’
Guild Foundation.

Join us from home on the phone (and we
understand it’s very chilly in many parts
of the US – so a good opportunity to stay
cozy and get inspired!).

Get $100 discount with coupon code:
Register at: http://bit.ly/fantasy1

Carl Gottlieb is the co-author of JAWS,
and the author of THE JAWS LOG.  The movie
just celebrated it’s 35th anniversary and
is credited with being the first
“summer blockbuster” movie ever!  If you
want to know what studio executives mean
when they say “tentpole” – you’ll learn
that and more here.

He went on the co-write THE JERK with
Steve Martin and wrote and directed the
cult classic CAVEMEN.  He only recently
retired his position as VP, Board Member
of The WGA, West after 24 years.

Register through Eventbrite at:

Get $100 off with coupon code: fantasy44

If you have friends who are screenwriters
or JAWS fans, feel free to share.

2) San Francisco Writers Conference

This is absolutely one of my favorite
writers’ conferences and this will be
our 5th year participating!

The event is February 18 – 20, 2011
at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in SF.

Join 100s of agents, editors, social
media experts and best-selling authors.
I will be speaking on the value of a
media brand and developing & marketing

I know that many of our alum from
Screenwriting Career Intensive
and Media Brand Workshop
(www.yourmediabrand.com) are already
planning on attending.

If this sounds like something
that might be right for you, we
look forward to seeing you there.

Learn more and register at:

2) Is your Blog on Kindle?

If you write a blog you know that driving
traffic is key.  For Kindle, they want to
make sure their subscribers can get lots
of great content.

Submitting your blog to Kindle (and they
pay you based on traffic) is another way to
get your content out there and find more

Learn more at: http://bit.ly/blogtokindle

To your success,



On Facebook:  Creative Convergence
& Philippa Burgess Course
On LinkedIn:  Philippa Burgess
LinkedIn & Facebook Groups:
Screenwriting Career Intensive
Media Brand Workshop

Upcoming Courses:
Screenwriting Career Intensive
February 1 – March 2, 2011
8 session teleseminar course on
Selling to Hollywood plus bonus sessions
with agents & managers

Media Brand Workshop
March 7 – April 11
6 Week Program on Building a Media Brand
Across New Media, Traditional Media,
Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing,
Television & Film.  Includes Lectures,
Office Hours, Content Review & Private

8 Reasons to Attend Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive in LA, Dec 4-5

Hi Everyone,

You can get a $75 discount off the regular $325 price (only $250) when you pay by PayPal to skcomedy before 11/29/10.

To your success,


8 Reasons to Attend Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive

1. Steve Kaplan does what they say can’t be done. “I’ve been through the Comedy Intensive process, and Steve does what conventional wisdom says you can’t – he teaches you how to be funnier. With willingness on your part, he can actually help you harness the comedy in yourself (and, like it or not, we all have it). He has analyzed the comedic interaction, and lays it out as a replicable process. It’s actually pretty amazing. I recommend him highly.” Peter Basch – May 2, 2010

2. Unravel the mystery. Steve Kaplan is one of and maybe the only comedic scientists of our time. He is able to look at comedy, not as some sort of magic that just happens, but in the way a chemist looks at a formula. There are things that work in comedy and for a reason. Take three characters and give each the assignment of leaving the room last. Then count how many times the phrase “After you” comes out. Then reverse the scenario and have each need to get out first. Then watch the chaos insue. These are parts of the science of comedy. And no one presents it better and more clearly than Steve Kaplan.” John Ardussi – May 17, 2010

3. It’ll make you laugh! “As a professional screenwriter I highly recommend Steve’s comedy intensive. Take it for the laughs! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a writer, director, producer or public speaker, if you want to know what you’re doing when it comes to humor in general, or to make your own specific project funnier, you’ll find it an invaluable (and entertaining) experience.  Steve also consults. He’s not only an “expert in the field,” of comedy but he’s also a mensch (ask him what that means). He’s smart, kind, personable, funny and fun. The kind of guy you want to take a class from, and work with, and hire. Oh, and follow on twitter. You know, that kind of guy.  Steve gets two thumbs up from me, (whenever I’m not typing, or eating, or otherwise doing something else with my thumbs).” Lynn Dickinson – May 2, 2010

4. Have a great time! “Steve’s class keeps you entertained while teaching you tools that make writing comedy easier. The most useful part for me was learning how creating interesting character dynamics can set up comedy to flow naturally from those relationships. It feels more organic and less forced than struggling to just write joke after joke out of thin air. Even after the course, you’ll keep seeing the techniques he talks about used in the best shows on TV. There are a lot of seminars out there that aren’t worth your time. This one is.” – Tracy Reilly, winner of the Expo Screenwriting Contest for Best 1/2 Hour Comedy – October 30, 2010

5. Recommended by Industry Professionals. “Perhaps it is impossible to describe why something is funny, but Steve Kaplan comes as close as anyone on the planet to doing just that. And if the “why?” of comedy will always remain illusive, Steve can most certainly and with great authority explain the “how?” of comedic invention. He does this with personality, inventiveness, and a deep understanding of the subject. Plus, Steve is a very funny guy in his own right, so while you are laughing with him, you are also gaining great insight into the nature of comedy, both historically and most especially within the structure of the storytellers art. Want to know what’s funny? Steve will show you.” Frank Gladstone, DreamWorks Animation May 6, 2010

6. Use it in other genres. “May I just add to the other recommendations that this course is not to be missed even if you are writing a drama. Steve discusses the difference between drama and comedy, dissecting the dialogue and mannerisms in film clips to show how the genres differ. If you want to make your characters ‘real’, take the class and pay attention for Steve is a true genius.” Candee Kramer – November 17, 2010

7. Don’t waste a weekend! Very few things in life seem so important to me that I would give up two whole days to sit in a room listening to someone talk. But as soon as I saw the note from Script to Screen about Steve Kaplan’s workshop, I knew I should be there.  It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Every single minute of it was illuminating. His teaching was real, authorative, entertaining, warm and generous, just like his character. I wasn’t bored once. Me and my colleagues had been working on a movie script on and off for the last five years and it’s something that hasn’t come the easiest. Steve’s workshop prompted me to encourage our team to throw out that script (even though we’ve done 20 drafts!) and start again. I’m a fan of Steve and his work now and hope I get to hang out with him again.” Oscar Kightley, writer/star Sionne’s Wedding

8. Hollywood and Highland! It’s conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood. It’s a great place to meet and connect with talented like-minded writers and entertainment professionals.  You’ll improve your comedy game and if expanding your professional network is on your to-do list, this is a great place for it.  If getting in some holiday shopping is on your mind, you can do that here too!

Indie Publishing Contest For Writers

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to share info from San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco Writers University, Author Solutions & Author Hive…

I just got back from the ALL ABOUT eBOOKS Symposium where I was presenting a session with Rachel Balik of Vook on the Future of Ebooks.  This event was produced in association with the San Francisco Writing for Change Conference and the newly formed San Francisco Writers University.   I’ve been a speaker at the San Francisco Writers Conference for the past few years.  It’s one of my favorite conferences for writers.  I am really excited to be part of the faculty of their latest endeavor.  You can check it out at http://www.sfwritersu.com.  Many classes are free and the premium classes are only $10.

I am happy to spread the word about their new contest.  Write, Win AND Publish!
New ‘Indie Publishing Contest’ Revamps the Traditional Writing Contest with the Benefits of Indie Publishing.

And don’t forget to sign up for my Media Brand Workshop.  We read everything you’ve got and work with you to shape your content and marketing messages over the next 5 weeks.  There is a teleseminar lecture on Monday evenings and then small group office hours and private consults in addition to the online group and fantastic group on content creators working on both fiction and non-fiction projects across film, tv, books, media and marketing.  I only have a few spots left.  Register at: http://www.yourmediabrand.com

Here’s all the info:

Authors to Compete for $30,000 in Self-Publishing and Promotional Services Prizes as Authors Solutions, Inc., San Francisco Writers Conference, and San Francisco Writers University Partner for Inaugural “Indie Publishing Content”

Since when can a writing contest turn the winner into an author with a published book…and provide a staff of book marketing professionals to help get the book into book stores and publicized?  This is the new reality of combining traditional writing contest with the myriad advantages of indie publishing.  Representatives from the non-profit San Francisco Writers Conference and San Francisco Writers University announced they are partnering with Author Solutions, and its integrated author marketing division, AuthorHive, to launch the inaugural Indie Publishing Contest for Writers.  The winner of this newly created contest will be announced at the 2011 San Francisco Writers Conference at the InterContinental Mark Hopkins Hotel, February 18 – 20.

“In this new era of digital publishing with EBooks, Print on Demand (POD) books and more, there are now many paths to publication,” said Laurie McLean of San Francisco Writers University and the San Francisco Writers Conference.  “While the Holy Grail remains a contract with one of the big six publishers in New York, the reality is that goal is getting more elusive for writers.  We are offering an indie alternative – establishing the credibility for indie publishing that the indie film and music industries enjoy today.”

Writers can begin submitting entries for consideration immediately.  The deadline for entries is January 5, 2011.  The contest is open to all North-American based writers who are invited to enter up to the first 5,000 words of an unpublished, finished manuscript, short story, essay or poem in the categories of: fiction, non-fiction/memoir, children’s/young adult, and poetry.  Cost per entry is $35 for fiction, non-fiction/memoir and children’s/young adult.  Poetry entries are $25 each.  Go to http://www.sfwriters.org and click on CONTEST menu button for more information.

See you at the conference in February.  Or in my online workshop at http://www.yourmediabrand.com

To your success,


Creative Convergence – Events & Opportunities

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well.  Here is the latest that
we’d like to share with you.
* New Media Film Festival-SF Bay Area Roundup
* Call for Speakers for iHollywood Forum
* All About EBooks Symposium
* SF Writing for Change Conference
* Special Offer for Media Brand Workshop (starts Nov. 15)
* Sell Your TV Concept Now
* Steve Kaplan’s Upcoming Comedy Intensive
* Tongal for Content Creators
* Media Brand Workshop Conversations

To your success,


* New Media Film Festival-SF Bay Area Roundup

We had a great event this past weekend at
VizCinema in SF.  The event succeeded
in bringing together industry professionals and
content creators from across film, tv, games,
publishing, web, mobile and technology in SF.

Speakers included:
* Joanna Drake Earl, COO of Current TV
* Will Wright, Creator of “Bar Karma” on Current TV and Game Designer of “The Sims”
* Ben Parr, Co-Editor, Mashable
* Dan Contento, VP of Sales, DIGG
* Michael Larsen, Literary Agent, Larsen Pomada Literary
* Erica Priggen, Executive Producer, Free Range Productions
* Danae Ringelman, Co-Founder, IndieGoGo
* James DeJulio, Co-Founder, Tongal
* Brian Morriscoe, Co-Founder, Booyah!
* Melodie Shaw, Lead Organizer, WGA, West
* Michele Turnure-Salleo, Filmmaker Services, San Francisco Film Society
* and many more.

GirlsinTech wrote an article about us that
captured the spirit of the event at:

Look out for many of our New Media Film Festival speakers to be guests on upcoming Media Brand Workshop Conversations.
* Call for Speakers for iHollywood Forum’s Digital Media Summit

December 16, 2010 at UCLA – Covel Commons
Every aspect of the media business – movies, television,
music, video, games, marketing – is being transformed by technology.
We’re now at the point where these changes are requiring fundamental
shifts in the business models that have governed content for decades
and are transformed by technology.
Plus information on VIP Mixers, November 11,
November 15, December 15 & January 6

* All About EBooks Symposium

Friday, November 12th in SF
Philippa will be presenting on a
“The Future of EBooks” panel.
Other speakers include:
Mark Coker, Smashwords
Michael Wolf, GigaOm
Stacy Waters, Vook
Laurie McLean, Larsen Pomada Literary Agency
Learn more at: http://bit.ly/ebooksymp

* SF Writing for Change Conference

Saturday & Sunday, November 13 & 14 in SF.
Presenters include bestselling authors, literary agents and
editors from top publishing houses including
Random House, Jossey-Bass, HarperOne, Da Capo,
Tarcher/Penguin and more.
Register at: http://www.sfwritingforchange.org

* Special Offer for Media Brand Workshop (starts Nov. 15)

Media Brand Workshop is a 5 Week Teleseminar course that includes
lectures, office hours and private consults.  It’s great for any artist or business
professional who needs creative development & marketing support for their content.
This is a great space to develop your idea and get on the right track to make it attractive in today’s marketplace.
Plus we’ll be interviewing 5 agents/managers as a special bonus for our participants.
By the end of this program you’ll have:
·         Entertainment, Media, Brand & Marketing Tips
·         Customized Content Development & Marketing Strategies
·         Content Review & Feedback
·         A Media Brand Business Plan & Schedule
·         New Ways to Find Fans & Grow Your Fan Base
·         18 Month Action Plan
·         Industry Access & Insights
Sign up at: http://mediabrand-creative.eventbrite.com/
Get $125 Discount with code: 4Content
You price is only $472.

* Sell Your TV Concept Now: Making the Most of Conferences

TV Conferences Are Hands-Down the Best Places to Sell Your TV Show.
There are three TV conferences in early 2011 that all offer you a chance
to pitch your TV show and connect with professionals in the business.

* NATPE Conference, Miami – January 24-26   (all shows)
* Realscreen Summit, Washington, D.C. – January 31 – February 3,  (reality only)
* Kidscreen Summit,  New York City – February 15 – 18 , (childrens’ shows only)

Join Mark & Jeanne Simon for a free Teleseminar/Webinar
on Tuesday, November 16th  at 9:00 p.m. EST/ 6:00 p.m. PST
Register at: http://www.pitchtvlikeapro.com/tele-23-winter.html

* Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive: In LA Dec 4 & 5

We love Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive and can’t recommend
it highly enough for any writer, director, performer or executive.
He reveals the hidden tools of comedy and shows you what
works (or doesn’t) in comedy and why.
He’ll be in Los Angeles, December 4 – 5.
Course Fee: $325
He’s also going to be in Winnepeg, NYC & Australia
Register now at: http://www.kaplancomedy.com
Connect with him on Facebook at: Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive
and on Twitter @skcomedy

* Tongal for Content Creators

Tongal is an online platform that
facilitates the collaborative creation
of video content and media via
crowdsourcing in a multi-phased process.
They connect our global community with
the businesses that need them.
They are currently running a contest
with AllState.  Get all the details at:

* Media Brand Workshop Conversations

Here are 10 Media Brand Workshop
Conversations.   Enjoy!

Connect with Website, Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter and Download MP3

Chris Bruss, Producer, Funny or Die

MP3 – http://bit.ly/bFVT7U

Diana Offen, Toastmasters International District Governor of District
52 and Warner Bros Toastmaster

MP3 – http://bit.ly/aKLpHT

Mark Polizzi, Producer on “The Simpsons”

MP3 – http://bit.ly/aWUIVP

Mark & Jeanne Simon, TV Show Creators/Writers/Producers

MP3 – http://bit.ly/9P1APL

Alexis Niki, Writer/Producer of “My Bitchy Witchy Paris Vacaction” on
Creating & Marketing Web Series

My Bitchy Witchy Paris Vacation on Facebook
@alexis niki, @bwthefilm
MP3 – http://bit.ly/dliSWd

Jay Maharjan of 4Entrepreneur.net on Social Media & Creative Artists
as Entrepreneurs

MP3 – http://bit.ly/bGoRGT

Ralph Scott aka Ed It of Credit the Edit on the Role of an Editor &
Writing Coach

MP3 – http://bit.ly/bwbuZg

Colleen Nystedt, CEO of Movieset.com on Marketing & Tech Tools for

MovieSet on Facebook, @movieset
Engaging Your Audience from the Get-Go – bit.ly/a1dTys
Request Your Professional Invite to Movieset.com – bit.ly/d5O3OC
MP3 – http://bit.ly/bJYf9h

Steve Kaplan, Comedy Guru & Faciliator of Steve Kaplan’s Comedy
Intenstive on Finding Your Funny

Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive on Facebook, @skcomedy
MP3 – http://bit.ly/aPcWEY

Susan Johnston, Founder/Director of New Media Film Festival on The
Best of New Media

Facebook and LinkedIn at New Media Film Festival
@newmediaff and nmfilmfest_sf
MP3 – http://bit.ly/9Q2cZx

Find us on Twitter @creativecvg, @yourmediabrand

Find us on Facebook at: Creative Convergence, Media Brand Workshop

Find us on LinkedIn at: Media Brand Workshop

November News from Creative Convergence

Hi Everyone,

We hope you enjoyed your Halloween weekend and
have some of our own tricks and treats for you:

*Media Brand Workshop: Set the Stage for 2011
*What is Tongal?  It’s Where Creators Meet Brands
*New Media Film Festival in SF this week!
*Win Stuff: Join New Media Film Festival Online
*Upcoming Writer Events in San Francisco
*New Indie Publishing Contest
*Join Us at NATPE in Miami, January 2011


Several of you on my list have already signed
up for our upcoming Media Brand Workshop.

If you are not an emerging expert author or
content creator in the process of creating
or marketing content across media platforms,
skip down to the bottom and enjoy the Mp3s.
If you are, then please read on…

I am really excited to share with you an
opportunity for what I know is going to
be a fun and productive couple of months
for all of our participants.

If you’re not sure how having a Media Brand
applies to you as an emerging or established
content creator listen to Mp3 from 2010
San Francisco Writers Conference
“Building a Media Brand” at:

I’d love you to take a minute to learn more
about the opportunities this upcoming
Media Brand Workshop will provide for you.

I know many writers, authors, experts and
content creators often struggle with aspects
of their branding, marketing, content
development, networking and general decision
making on how to prioritize.

They often look to representation, when in
fact there are a lot more complex facets of
their brand development that need to be build
out that typically need to be in place in
order to attract the right representation
and opportunities in the marketplace.

You can get all the info at:
Use coupon code: MyList

My role in this course is to create a
safe and supportive environment that gets
you to focus on your content, branding
and marketing.  You’ll create a powerful
vision and a clear path to get from where
you are to where you want to go.

I see it as my job to inform, inspire &
challenge. Your job is to participate
contribute and connect. In the process
we look at the various aspects of
creating a powerful media brand.

A “brand” has everything to do with
being a successful writer, filmmaker or
content creator because you are creating
a file in people’s brain and you have
to be responsible for the tags on it
and the information in it.

A brand is a promise that creates an
expectation in the mind of others and
is built by repeated interactions.
Everything you do, write or say is an
expression of your promise.  Your
media brand then delivered over
multiple media channels.

Suze Orman, Martha Stuart,
Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Michael
Crichton, Harry Potter and The
Simpsons are just a few examples.

Whether you are writing fiction or
non-fiction we look at 6 areas of
opportunity & points of access for
you across:
*New Media
*Traditional Media
*Self Publishing
*Traditional Publishing

We also go over the 5 skills that it
takes to develop a media brand:
*Brand Identity

We’ll meet on Monday nights and
Thursday evenings from
Nov 14 – Dec 16 at 5:30PM PT
on Mondays and 4PM PT on Thursdays.
There is also an optional session
Monday, Nov 8 if you sign up now!

We have office hours, private consults,
Mp3s and supplemental materials.

This is a content workshop so I will
read blogs, bios, websites, manuscripts,
screenplays and more…I also encourage
you to share your work and provide
feedback to others.

And as it is a Workshop we also have
limited enrollment.

If you’re familiar with my
Screenwriting Career Intensive you know
how motivating and informative these
classes can be, but you’ll find this
one take a more hands-on approach from
me with your creative and professional

What will you get out of it?
For everyone that is a little bit
different.  We’ve had alumni with no
previous media experience get full page
stories about her non-profit in People
Magazine & Reader’s Digest. Our alumni
Alexis Niki wrote & produced the
webseries “My Bitchy Witchy
Paris Vacation” – and another
alum kindly reviewed it
People have gone on to produce short
films, write & perform plays and put
together business plans and book deals.

You can get the information and
register for Media Brand Workshop
at: www.yourmediabrand.com
Be sure to use coupon code:

So far for our Fall 2010 program we
have participants from Australia,
France, Michigan, New York, Los Angeles,
Texas & Virginia.  They are experts,
entrepreneurs, coaches, filmmakers,
storytellers, novelists, TV writers
and more…

They are all also people who’ve decided
they need some additional support,
insight and feedback to maximize both
impact and exposure. They also like the
idea of having an impartial view as this
is program is provided as an educational

And what’s great about this course is
that it doesn’t matter where you are in
the process or if you are interested
in writing a blog and building out your
social networks or building a platform
and developing content worthy of a major
publishing, TV and movie deal.

Plus we’ll be bringing in 5 agents/managers
to talk to our group before the end of
the year.  It’s a great opportunity to
explore finding the right representation
in film, tv or publishing.

If this sounds like the right opportunity
for you, I look forward to working with
you in this class!

And join us on our social networks
on Facebook & LinkedIn at:
Media Brand Workshop and on Twitter

Here are some fun & informative
interviews we’ve done over the past
couple of months:

Media Brand Workshop Conversations

Chris Bruss, Producer at Funny or Die
– Download MP3 at: http://bit.ly/bFVT7U

Rick Polizzi, Producer on “The Simpsons”
– Download Mp3 at: http://bit.ly/aWUIVP

Mark & Jeanne Simon of
– Download Mp3 at: http://bit.ly/9P1APL

Ralph Scott of Credit the Edit
– Download Mp3 at: http://bit.ly/bwbuZg


We’re excited to welcome Tongal as a
sponsor to the New Media Film Festival-SF
Bay Area.

Tongal is an online platform that
facilitates the collaborative creation
of video content and media via
crowdsourcing in a multi-phased process.
They connect our global community with
the businesses that need them.

They are currently running a project with
Allstate Insurance. Anyone with any kind
of creative background can contribute.
These are short ideas about what insurance
will be like in 20+ years.  Even if they
can fly, are powered by liquefied garbage
and come standard with autopilot, twenty
years from now, people will still own and
operate personal vehicles. Thus, we will
still need insurance from a reputable
company with great customer service.
That’s why Allstate is asking you to
imagine life in the year 2030.

This project will be worth a total of
$15,000 and will consist of three
entry phases.  They’ve just entered
Phase 2 – Submit your ideas in 500
characters or less.  Use the 5 winning
ideas from Phase 1 as a jumping off point
or create your own.  Get the details
for this project at:


Friday Nov 5 & Saturday Nov 6 at

New Media Film Festival-SF Bay Area,
The Best of New Media: What’s New,
What’s Next…Honoring Stories Worth

Meet award winning game, film, book,
show, web series & app creators!  It’s a
dynamic program with panel discussion,
Q&A meet-n-greets, mini-workshops, demos,
screenings in these categories: Web Series,
Shot on RED, Animation, Documentary,
Feature and SRC-Socially Responsible

Speakers include:

*Steve Perlman, CEO of OnLive.com, an
inventor and entrepreneur with over 80
technology patents.

*Will Wright, Creator of Bar Karma on
Current TV and original designer for
“The Sims” games series which, as of 2009,
is the best-selling PC game in history

*Jaime Wilkinson, Producer, “Star Wars:
Uncut” (2010 Primetime Emmy Award winner
for Outstanding Creative Achievement in
Interactive Media – Fiction).

Join panelists from: Producers Guild
of America-Northwest (PGA-NW), Writers
Guild of America (WGA, West), IndieGoGo,
San Francisco Film Society, Red Planet
Studios, Movieset.com, Academy of
Television Arts & Sciences, Code and Theory,
Larsen Pomada Literary Agency, Manic D Press,
Red Wheel/Weiser Books/Conari Press,
Women’s National Book Association SF Chapter,
AuthorsTeam, Credit the Edit, Flingo.tv,
Unity Technology, Babelgum.com,
Sharethrough, Tongal, Motorola, Magnicode
and more!

New Media Film Festival premiered in LA
in June 2010 and will be in SF Bay Area
with an expanded forum and line up of
industry executives & content creators.

Judges are professionals from Industrial
Light & Magic, Pixar, Summit Entertainment
& United Talent Agency. There are World
Premiere and Northern California Premiere
screenings. Winners will be announced on
Saturday evening.

Location: VizCinema at 1746 Post St.,
SF, CA 94115
Dates: Friday, Nov 5 & Saturday, Nov 6
Time: 9AM – 7PM & 7PM – Midnight
Website: www.newmedifilmfestival.com
Register:  http://bit.ly/sfnmff

For 20% off use discount code: special20

Look forward to seeing you there!

Susan Johnston
Founder/Director – New Media Film Festival

Philippa Burgess & Brad Kushner
Co-Directors – New Media Film Festival-SF
Bay Area


Sign up on New Media Film Festival
Social Networks
On Facebook & LinkedIn: New Media Film
Festival and on Twitter @newmediaff
and nmfilmfest_sf to be eligible to win
New Media Film Festival Prizes.  Giveaways
each week.

Upcoming giveaways include:

New Book – Coffee Break Screenwriter
by Pilar Alessandra

Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive
Chicago, Nov 6 & 7, Winnepeg, Nov 21 & 22,
Los Angeles Dec 4 & 5.
More info at: www.kaplancomedy.com.
And get a $50 Discount when
you mention New Media Film Festival.
Email skcomedy@aol.com for discount payment

Free Manuscript Evaluation by Ralph Scott
of Credit the Edit.

Free Anime Studio animation software from
Smith Micro Software.

Free Seats into Media Brand Workshop,
Online Program Nov 14 – Dec 17.
More info at: www.yourmediabrand.com
To register use discount code: MyList

Plus download now a great LA Free Resource
Guide “Did You Know LA?” EBook by
Director/Founder of New Media Film Festival,
Susan Johnston at:


All About Ebooks, November 12 at Hilton
$20 Off.  Mail Your Check before 11/8
& Mention New Media Film Festival in
the Memo.
More information at: www.allaboutebooks.us
I will be speaking there on a panel
about enhanced ebooks.

San Francisco Writing For Change Conference,
November 13 & 14 at Hilton Financial
$50 Off.  Mail Your Check before 11/8
& mention New Media Film Festival in Memo.
Full Conference Details at:

San Francisco Writers Conference,
February 18 – 20, 2011 at Mark Hopkins
Hotel – Conference Info at:

It’s one of my favorite events and I
I’ve spoken there on Media Branding,
Selling to Hollywood and Book to Film

Listen to 2010 San Francisco Writers
Conference Mp3 on Session “Building a
Media Brand” at:

And if you are looking for a treasure
trove of content from writers conferences
around the country check out:

For as little as $10 each you can listen
to any of hundreds of inspiring and
informative sessions with agents, editors,
producers, publicists and more.


San Francisco Writers Conference has
just announced their new Indie Publishing
Contest where you can win up to $30,000.

Writers can begin submitting entries for
consideration immediately. The contest
is open to all American-based writers
who are invited to enter up to the first
5,000 words of an unpublished, finished
manuscript, short story, essay or poem
in the categories of: fiction,
non-fiction/memoir, children’s/young
adult or poetry.

Cost per entry is $35 for fiction,
non-fiction/memoir and children’s/YA.
Poetry entries are $25 each. Writers
can begin submitting entries for
consideration immediately.  The deadline
for entries is January 5, 2011.
Learn more at:


NATPE | Content First
Fontainebleau Resort, Maimi Beach
January 24 – 26, 2011
Early Bird Discount – Before Dec. 10th
Register at: www.natpemarket.com

We’ll be there along with Mark & Jeanne
Simon of SellYourTVConceptNow.com
Learn more about the pre-conference
Hit Makers Summit at:

Plus Free Mp3 Downloads from
LATVFest | Talent First

Podcast #1:  Interview with Jordan Hoffner,
Director, Content Partnerships, YouTube

Podcast #2: Interview with Writer/Producer
Greg Berlanti

Podcast #3: Interview with Emmy
Award Winning Executive Producer
Steve Levitan

Podcast#4: Interview with CEO and
Founder of 3Ball Productions,
J.D. Roth

To your success,


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